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files.lst 25 bytes
this file listing
amigagif.lzh 11996 bytes
a gif pic viewer for the amiga computer.
autodate.lzh 5733 bytes
nice date/time utility.
bit8xmd.lzh 2148 bytes
atari 8 bit xmodem x-fer program
bootmakr.lzh 6071 bytes
***** No description on file *****
dcfrt301.lzh 20624 bytes
ms-dos disk utility for atari st series.
diskcom3.lzh 17553 bytes
docs for disk communicator...
flopstop.lzh 912 bytes
utility which stops drives a/b from running
kerdoc.lzh 6563 bytes
documentation for kermit file transfer protocol
kerprg.lzh 24750 bytes
kermit file transfer program for the atari-st
mx2v3src.lzh 73281 bytes
modula-2 source code for atari-st multitasking
prosproc.lzh 126855 bytes
demo fof prospero 'c' (uk) for the atari st
sdriver.lzh 9216 bytes
allows atari 8-bit drives to be used ST
sheet20.lzh 75795 bytes
gem-based spreadsheet & basic interpreter
speech01.lzh 57450 bytes
give your st a voice!
st-unzip.lzh 25391 bytes
unzip for the atari-st. includes 'c' source
stcpm.lzh 100137 bytes
cp/m-80 (8080 & z80) system for atari st series.
superarc.lzh 26672 bytes
arc & unarc for atari 8-bit machines.
unzip.lzh 24457 bytes
unzip for amiga
vc.lzh 24311 bytes
visicalc-like spreadsheet for the amiga.
volume.lzh 2348 bytes
atari st utility
vtocfix.lzh 6456 bytes
docs for vtocfix for dos 2 based systems
mui10.lha 711488 bytes
The latest and greatest from the Stuntzmeister.. MAGIC USER INTERFACE, completely revolutionizes GUI programming on the Amiga. BOOPSI for the masses.. get this or you'll be worse off than the 1.3 people. (not Sysop scanned)
pctask.lha 66474 bytes
allow you to run ibm programs on the amiga.
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