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files.lst 24 bytes
this file listing
files.lzh 3982 bytes
above compressed
2mquad.lzh 1211 bytes
build a 2M quad
amigamuf.lzh 56681 bytes
compiled minimuf-3.5 for the amiga.
antdes.exe 40960 bytes
design beam antennas (ibm systems)
antdesgn.lzh 33587 bytes
antenna design programs in basic
antenna.lbr 25728 bytes
a series of antenna programs for cp/m computers
antenna.lzh 33451 bytes
various antenna design programs in basic
antenna1.exe 37931 bytes
antenna stuff
antennax.lzh 53827 bytes
menu-driven antenna programs
antlengt.lzh 704 bytes
finds length for various antennas by freq.
antmatch.lzh 1572 bytes
full stats on power, vswr, line loss, etc.
array.bas 14208 bytes
antenna pattern generator
array.lzh 4487 bytes
am antenna calculations/design assist
bandai.lzh 160594 bytes
***** No description on file *****
bazooka.lzh 2694 bytes
build a double bazooka broadband dipole
beamdraw.lzh 1286 bytes
draws yagi beam antenna dimensions
bearing2.lzh 19653 bytes
***** No description on file *****
btrfly.ant 2176 bytes
Simple, easy to build VHF/UHF antenna
cablefix.lzh 1200 bytes
connect vcr, tv, antenna and cable
caprea.lzh 24290 bytes
calculate for resonant frequency
circle.lzh 36982 bytes
***** No description on file *****
dipole.bas 3072 bytes
calculate dipole length
dipole.lzh 887 bytes
figure that dipole right!
dipolex.lzh 2450 bytes
computes various dipole parameters
discone.lzh 5756 bytes
explanation of discone antennas
dxer133.lzh 105147 bytes
***** No description on file *****
dxhelp.lzh 24714 bytes
exe for heading/distance, sunrise/sunset and muf
fgc10.lzh 67278 bytes
rjust created/released graphical program provides
flux.txt 1152 bytes
info on solar flux from NBS/SESC
gclock23.lzh 91685 bytes
real-time update of grayline
gcmuf-st.lzh 20360 bytes
muf propagation program for the atari st
geomno26.lzh 121552 bytes
mono/cga version of geoclock.
gwfld.bzs 1792 bytes
ground for CP/M
gwfld.lzh 1265 bytes
ground wave propagation in basica.
halfwave.bas 589 bytes
electronics design and formulas
hammap.lzh 129458 bytes
dx & world map w/propogation (need ega)
hfmagic1.lzh 10752 bytes
(ham) hf propagation prediction utility.
hfprop.exe 47344 bytes
2-50MHz groundwave propagation program
horizon.bas 1476 bytes
electronics design and formulas
ioncpdoc.lzh 19817 bytes
docs for IONCAP online application
ionsat.inf 5632 bytes
info on the effects of the ionosphere on sats
j_ant.lzh 697 bytes
computes size of antenna
jant.lzh 185 bytes
formulae for the j twin-lead antenna
length.lzh 24185 bytes
coax to equal 1 degree of phase shift
lineloss.lzh 31722 bytes
calculate coax cable line noise
linphase.bas 3007 bytes
feedline loss
loopyagi.lzh 1444 bytes
calculate a loop microwave yagi
mapper2.lzh 108763 bytes
dx map drawing & propagation pgm. 1 of 2
mapr86.lzh 142226 bytes
amateur radio muf/world display cga/ega
micromuf.bas 4881 bytes
micromuf.pas 7695 bytes
minimuf3.lbr 6144 bytes
minimuf 3.5 adapted for cp/m.
minimuf3.lzh 36819 bytes
this is the famous radio propagation program
mininec.bqy 9216 bytes
mininec antenna analysis program for Apple //
mininec3.inf 6317 bytes
info on below 122499 bytes
from ACES
minprop2.dzc 39424 bytes
general documentation only for w6el's miniprop
minprop2.lzh 103754 bytes
w6el's fine ham propagation program for ms-dos
mmuf.lzh 24074 bytes
a propgation program for the atari st
mnprop2.lbr 73856 bytes
w6el's miniprop v2 for cp/m computers.
monoband.bqs 6656 bytes
beam antenna
monoband.bzs 5120 bytes
***** No description on file *****
muf.lzh 2773 bytes
ham radio propogation program
muf2.lzh 31848 bytes
find mfu between two locations
muf4exe.lzh 32585 bytes
exe and doc file for minimuf-4.1
ndfs.lzh 221 bytes
figure directional antenna gain
noaahelp.lzh 7261 bytes
help files from the noaa/sesc bbs (303-497-5000)
pathan.lzh 6484 bytes
***** No description on file *****
qrbqte.lzh 15785 bytes
.com & .doc beam-heading in ms-dos.
qstmufpc.lzh 3251 bytes
qst/noaa minimuf version
rfd-0290.lzh 189326 bytes
antenna simulation
rfrange.lzh 26016 bytes
vhf radio range calcs.
rfs.lzh 116690 bytes
calculate transmission paths & more
rfsafe.lzh 8001 bytes
***** No description on file *****
sat-ibm.lzh 1364 bytes
find satellite parameters from tsc
scatlink.lzh 2889 bytes
troposcatter propagation in basic.
sight.lzh 32415 bytes
***** No description on file *****
solar.lzh 10137 bytes
a glossary of terms, solar conditions
sunflux.lzh 455 bytes
convert sunspot # to solar flux
sunset.lzh 1905 bytes
***** No description on file *****
tmuf.lzh 51155 bytes
aa colorful propagation program for cga.
tpo.lzh 49743 bytes
determine antenna gain/loss
trop-ibm.lzh 1438 bytes
troposcatter path loss in basic from tsc/eepd
vhf_yagi.lzh 1411 bytes
used to design yagi vhf antennaes
vhfprop.exe 58064 bytes
vhf propagation program
vhfuhf.bzs 11392 bytes
lynn gerig's vhf propagation program
wheritis.lzh 24096 bytes
***** No description on file *****
yagi.bas 10421 bytes
***** No description on file *****
yagibeam.bas 4141 bytes
simple yagi program
yagica.lzh 103368 bytes
agi-cad antenna design
yaginec.lzh 174745 bytes
another yagi ant designer
grayline.sit 46336 bytes
Grayline Propagation for the Mac
pathloss 3583 bytes
good info about VHF/UHF path loss etc 36839 bytes
free ware on how to make dipole 4321 bytes
Dipole calculations for Windows - N4PVU 693013 bytes
Yagimax 3.11 6964 bytes
Inst. to build a beam for 40 m band - 19040 bytes
Yagi Design for 50 MHz % up, WA2TIF/K1DPP/W1JOT 135028 bytes
UHF/SHF Antenna design 86768 bytes
Antenna design article collection - KB4YLY 17237 bytes
Yagi Design program for 144 MHz and up - WA2TIF 31495 bytes
Helix antenna design - OH0NC 32083 bytes
Yagi antenna with Log-Cell feeding design 7488 bytes
Excel sheet to design Logperiodic Dipole Arrays 33514 bytes
Calculate mast dimensions needed v1.0beta - KD4NUE 8864 bytes
Miniloop 1.1 - Small signle turn antenna design
nec-2.lzh 78158 bytes
NEC (antenna) FORTRAN source code
nec2inc.lzh 338560 bytes
NEC Source code in 'C' 4964 bytes
40/80m trap dipole construction - K5DKZ 16320 bytes
Discone Antenna Design - K5DKZ
stress.arc 15151 bytes
Mechanical design for antennas 32705 bytes
HF wire ant & transmission line design v1.5 31612 bytes
TL Transmatch Calculations v1.7 - N6BV 210312 bytes
Antenna system Analysis v1.1 for Windows 1174936 bytes
Ducting Propagation program from NOSC 858459 bytes
refraction Prop program from NOSC 216127 bytes
NEC2 executable compiled to run on PC 386/486 Compiled with 32-bit Lahey Fortran. Requires 80x87 math coprocessor. Needs at least 2.4 MByte memory to run. 1317341 bytes
Demo version of NEC-WIN Basic from Paragon Tech Runs under Windows and requires math coprocessor Provides graphical user interfaces to view antenna geometry and radiation patterns. Geometries input via spreadsheet style interface. Save function disabled on this demo version. 136341 bytes
NEC2 executable for DOS. Runs on 286 or better processor. Requires math coprocessor. 132139 bytes
DOS utility for verifying correctness of NEC models. Checks adherance to rules and provides 3-D display of model. 107367 bytes
WIREGRID is a NEC2 pre-processor for DOS PC's that was developed for modelling metallic structures using a mesh of wires. It has powerful automatic facilities for controlling the density of the mesh once the structure has been broken down into a number of polygons. It also be used as a general NEC2 pre-processor. 903560 bytes
EAM (electromagnetic antenna modeling) demo Runs under Windows 3.1 (DOS). 8128 bytes
Reads NEC output files and plots radiation patterns Written in Visual Basic and runs under Windows in a PC DOS environment.
nec2_mac.hqx 559811 bytes
nec 2 for Mac
nec2_src.taz 104005 bytes
source code for nec2
nec2.gz 219788 bytes
NEC2 compiled for Sun3 16320 bytes
Program used to compute values when designing a discone antenna. USEFUL! 71188 bytes
Microwave antenna design program sept-nov 1994 QEX
yagiuda101.taz 111475 bytes
Beam antenna for Unix
readme-voacap 15120 bytes
info about voacap
voacap-faq 12517 bytes
name says it all
voados.exe 4115396 bytes
voawin.exe 5743240 bytes
Windows version 55904 bytes
N2VNO helical antenna design aid for Windows.
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