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files.lst 33 bytes
this file listing
files.lzh 809 bytes
this file listing
92hambbs.txt 21517 bytes
N8EMR BBS list (see hambbs.lzh)
bbs08-93.lzh (OFFLINE)
Rochester Area BBS list
engr0892.lzh 31161 bytes
list of engineering related BBS's
engrgbbs.lst 57448 bytes
list of eng bbs (avail as engr0892.lzh)
fonelist.lzh 3257 bytes
tech support #'s for h/w and s/w manufacturers
group.lst 13529 bytes
a list of many of the Usenet Newsgroups
hambbs.lzh 10149 bytes
N8EMR's Ham LL BBS list
hamfone.lst 30193 bytes
Ham Landline BBS listing (may be out of date)
lognlist.bbs 17908 bytes
Rochester area BBS list
rochbbs.lst 9408 bytes
another Rochester area BBS list
unix.bbs 52352 bytes
List of Unix BBS's and "sites"
unix.lzh 23143 bytes
archive of above
compres.txt 17900 bytes
Table of available software for archive/compress across various computing platforms. Also includes Internet sites where the software can be obtained. 12288 bytes
ham distribution net information packet & nodelist
walnut.inf 13085 bytes
catalog info on Walnut Creek CD-ROM s/w disks 294052 bytes
info on Hackers
lognlist.lzh (OFFLINE)
Logan list Rochester BBS list and info files/8-94 280543 bytes
giant list of Vendor support numbers
usr.gz 107936 bytes
list of files on US Robotics BBS 15388 bytes
Rochester BBS list as of February '95
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