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files.lst 22 bytes
this file listing
files.lzh 1949 bytes
440.cmd 18805 bytes
Command Descriptions for Kenwood TS-440
440.lzh 55447 bytes
program to control ts-440
440_3.lzh 40790 bytes
440 control program
440cont1.lzh 13173 bytes
Control program for the TS-440S
44spl200.lzh 152205 bytes
ts440 control prog
450ctrl.lzh 81246 bytes
790ctrl.lzh 73191 bytes
850ctrl.lzh 81008 bytes
940ctrl.lzh 153649 bytes
TS940 control program,mouse support
94spl200.lzh 156018 bytes
remote control for TS-940S
950ctrl.lzh 80895 bytes
autolog4.lzh 106021 bytes
Control your icom rig via rs232
cat757.lzh 42536 bytes
control program for yaesu ft-757gxmk1+2
cat757d.lzh 71909 bytes
control program for 757 mark ii
cat757v3.lzh 71909 bytes
Radio Control Program: Yaesu FT-757 Mark II
catm100.lzh 4246 bytes
tandy model 100 control for ft757
caty06.lzh 69004 bytes
ft-767 computer control program
control.lzh 55549 bytes
rc-85 control from your pc
draker8.lzh 85531 bytes
Drake R8 control program
drakes.lzh 127421 bytes
VB source for Windows remote control of R8
frg9600.lzh 38678 bytes
Interface Program for the Yaesu FT-9600 2444 bytes
FT-727R CAT System Interfacing and Control
ft757mki.lzh 76104 bytes
Yaesu FT-757GX Mark I control
ft980.txt 2715 bytes
Cat interface for yeasu ft980
ibmic232.lzh 6505 bytes
control your icom radios via cpu
ic.lzh 42623 bytes
Icom control for windows 3.0 (DEMO)
ic725d.lzh 51335 bytes
Icom 725 control program
ic735.c 9841 bytes
Short C program to control icom 735 radio.
ic735d.lzh 52256 bytes
Control your Icom 735 from your PC. (demo)
icom.c 9014 bytes
control ICOM
icom20a.lzh 23730 bytes
Control for several ICOM radios
icom232.txt 4854 bytes
ICOM Radio/RS232 interface info
icomciv.txt 22906 bytes
How to use the ICOM ci-v computer interface
icominfc.lzh 6663 bytes
icom radio/pc interface
icomv31.lzh 28262 bytes
ICOM control with C src
k8cc_423.lzh 168919 bytes
contest program like k1ea but ss, sprints
ka9qicom.001 8320 bytes
How to Control ICOM Radios with an IBM PC (part
ka9qicom.002 9856 bytes
How to Control ICOM Radios with an IBM PC (part
ken450.lzh 79232 bytes
TS450 control
ken790.lzh 72444 bytes
TS790 control
ken850.lzh 79252 bytes
TS850 control
ken950.lzh 79138 bytes
TS950 control
kencon.lzh 91758 bytes
440 control for the handicapped
kenwood.232 3669 bytes
TTL to RS-232 interface for the Kenwood radios
kenwood.lzh 11660 bytes
Control a 440 or 940 via a serial port
knwdct.lzh 61671 bytes
Kenwood control for 440/940/140/711
knwdif.lzh 2873 bytes
RS232 interface for 940
kterm91a.lzh 7495 bytes
Amiga interface pgm for TS-440
ktwin240.lzh 109918 bytes
Kenwood remote control from Windows
nrd45.lzh 117969 bytes
Control an NRD525 / NRD535 Receiver
paragon2.lzh 153585 bytes
paragon transceiver control program, new vers
procat22.lzh 174334 bytes
control program: Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu
procathf.lzh 170824 bytes
interface for icom/yaesu radios - ega
procatvg.lzh 37892 bytes
VGA support for Procat.
r5000d.lzh 108688 bytes
Control the R5000 receiver via computer
r7000d.lzh 51760 bytes
r7000 control program
r8_dx33.lzh 220627 bytes
Drake R8 Control Pgm v 3.3, w/ MUF graph &
r8tune.lzh 16447 bytes
Drake R8 control program
radctl06.lzh 63183 bytes
Control kenwood/icom radio V.06
rcplus.lzh 39724 bytes
Control software for - Icom/Heath/Yaesu
rpt100.lzh 147417 bytes
packet multi-node tnc controller prg.
seeker_1.lzh 136537 bytes
fully func demo- control ur r5000 great! 94728 bytes
radio control
spl94_20.lzh 154339 bytes
kenwood 940 control program 78513 bytes
TS790 control
vfotrak.lzh 30160 bytes
Locks Kenwood Xcvr A&B VFO's together
x10-s34.lzh 73815 bytes
X10 controller program for CP/M
x10win30.lzh 279861 bytes
X10 control program for Windows 387503 bytes
DXCOMM v2.31 - Control Pgm for Drake R8 w/dfile
rigeqf.exe 78464 bytes
KENWOOD external radio control by N3EQF 80000 bytes
Control program for Yaesu 736R. 80000 bytes
computer control of FT-736R 488710 bytes
Control program for Kenwood rigs. 1310806 bytes
Rig scheduler for use with Kentrol 5.0. 27976 bytes
Docs for Kentrol and Sked Manager. 560155 bytes
9/94 release of Rig Manager
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