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files.lst 27 bytes
this file list
agr103.lzh 61317 bytes
Graph Your Numbers
algebra.lzh 24980 bytes
Algebra Tutor
algebrax.lzh 67002 bytes
Algebra Tutor
amp30.lzh 227786 bytes
algebraic manipulation package, v3.0
aplrpn.czm 25728 bytes
cp/m a full-screen rpn calculator
audiolab.lzh 22797 bytes
a voltage/power/db calculator for ms-dos.
calc.lzh 197435 bytes
college level calculus tutor for ms-dos.
calc_tsr.lzh 26083 bytes
tsr calculator, deg/rad for trig, temps in c/f
calc_v22.lzh 48539 bytes
'infinite' precision calculator
calculat.lzh 18632 bytes
math calculator
calculus.lzh 128879 bytes
a calculus tutor for ms-dos.
cc4.lzh 247708 bytes
excellent calculus learning tool & calculator
cnc.lzh 41989 bytes
complex number calculator,real/complex expres.
cogo.lzh 135366 bytes
coordinate geometry. useful for surveying.
complex.lbr 18688 bytes
complex numbers, implemented in c
converts.lzh 37280 bytes
converts inch/ft/yds/acres/miles/area/volume
convprog.lzh 67587 bytes
units conversion, u.s./metric/imperial si
delpx02.lzh 127119 bytes
data analysis suite incorporating delp.pas
diffeqn.lzh 116797 bytes
differential equation solver.
differen.lzh 195396 bytes
calculus and differential equation instruction
doit.lzh 33703 bytes
online calculator with 25 different operations
estax.lzh 22864 bytes
calculate estimated taxes
eval.lzh 18248 bytes
evaluates mathematical expressions
eval.lzh 18248 bytes
evaluates mathematical expressions
expr.lzh 11494 bytes
unix-like command line expression evaluator
ffc48.lzh 30058 bytes
tsr 4 func. calc. with paste functions
fft128.lzh 75237 bytes
fast fourier transform/spectrum calculator
ffunc75.lzh 16015 bytes
non tsr 4 func. calculator
gear10.lzh 111734 bytes
calculate charts/graphs of bicycle gear ratios
hex_calc.lzh 56217 bytes
hex/dec/binary calculator and ascii/video ref.
hexdec.lzh 5280 bytes
command line number convert hex <--> decimal
hp48demo.lzh 81257 bytes
hp's demo disk for 48sx calculator
hpread13.lzh 17388 bytes
transf hp calc infrared data->pc using $4 part
hrs411.lzh 22672 bytes
time calculator. add/subtract hours & minutes
kycal207.lzh 39694 bytes
memory resident scientific calculator
life-21.lzh 20106 bytes
this is an ms/dos text-mode version of the math
listroom.lzh 63208 bytes
optimize audio speaker/listener room positions
mathcad.lzh 159985 bytes
demo of mathcad: equation solver.
mathfc.lzh 20407 bytes
dos command line math expression calculator
mathpad.lzh 66659 bytes
powerful scientific calculator
mathstat.lzh 176003 bytes
engineering analysis math/stat program
matrix.lzh 11381 bytes
matrix inversion in turbo pascal 5 w/source
monkey.lzh 48136 bytes
matrix calculator
mortime.lzh 43223 bytes
time conversion and calculator
nalkati.lzh 33796 bytes
hindu calendar. date, positions of moon & sun
numconv.lzh 7051 bytes
convert between several numbering systems
pc401.lzh 255855 bytes
part 1 of a collection of math and stat routines.
pc402.lzh 279203 bytes
part 2 of a collection of math and stat routines.
pchp.lzh 28823 bytes
hp calculator
pfsolver.lzh 117591 bytes
required! symbolic math solutions
praxis.lzh 21122 bytes
minimize function values (source in pascal&c)
raasi101.lzh 49088 bytes
charts hindu horoscope for date/time/location
rpc102.lzh 14734 bytes
reverse polish calc(v1.02) - bubble gum colors
rpn095.lzh 84617 bytes
rpn scientific calculator, emulates hp42s
rpn30doc.lzh 12049 bytes
docs for rpn v3.0, a scientific rpn calc.
rpn30exe.lzh 46025 bytes
hp-29 clone, ~100 functions inc. stats; cga
rpn30src.lzh 37697 bytes
tcv2.0 source code for rpn v3.0 by bobmon
rqm121.lzh 116989 bytes
calculates savings necessary for retirement
schedule.lbr 40448 bytes and schedule.c
scieqs14.lzh 41029 bytes
scientific calculator/equation solver
scitemp.lzh 54978 bytes
1-2-3 templates for scientific calcs.
scn.lzh 41414 bytes
scientific calculater
sdlmp215.lzh 144485 bytes
loudspeaker systems/crossover network design
se.exe 86144 bytes
Simultaneous Equations
slvit30.lzh 117090 bytes
solveit v3.0, powerful tsr financial caculator
sm14a.lzh 180316 bytes
symbolic calculators for math and chemistry
sppc.lzh 130517 bytes
ms-dos statistics program
tbank101.lzh 70389 bytes
checkbook and statement reconciliation
trig.lzh 64736 bytes
Trig Tutor
tsfunc13.lzh 65729 bytes
calculates, tabulates, & plots your functions
tsmatr11.lzh 65680 bytes
standard matrix calculations
ttm120.lzh 21273 bytes
make/print truth tables from keyboard input
vecalc12.lzh 41977 bytes
vector calculator - for eng. and graphics
xact51.lzh 207274 bytes
calculators emulate hp-11c, hp-12c & hp-16c
zyac12.lzh 49255 bytes
scientific calculator 8108 bytes
smarter control of your hp95lx 36864 bytes
EDN math prog 31930 bytes
a random dot stereogram is created showing a sine wave surface in 3 D
procalc.lzh 75198 bytes
a full-featured scientific calculator.
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