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files.lst 23 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 2014 bytes
this listing
amtor.txt 15240 bytes
AMTOR - Intro to amtor
ap-link.txt 4640 bytes
List a ap-link stations around the world.
aplink.txt 3617 bytes
Where to get aplink software.
autofa.lzh 9691 bytes
recv weather fax on hf with kantronic
autofax.lzh 9691 bytes
weefax packet radio fax add-on for ibm
bitfax.lzh 135070 bytes
send fax format data from your modem....
cw.lzh 42157 bytes
dfax.lzh 36824 bytes
mfj-1278 fax display prgm. w/docs
fax_sked.lzh 1217 bytes
24 hour weather fax from us navy (info)
fsk.lzh 1215 bytes
Calculate fsk offsets (in basic)
hammodem.lzh 1426 bytes
use your Hayes modem for RTTY
hamrtty.lzh 115501 bytes
hayesrtt.txt 9216 bytes
explains how to connect your hayes modem to yo
hffax5.lzh 50288 bytes
HF fax
k3bcfax.lzh 147923 bytes
WEFAX/HF software, for article from Sept 91 QST
morscom1.lzh 3616 bytes
connect morse code key to com1
morse.bas 5661 bytes
n4yzav15.lzh 119184 bytes
fax program for pk-232.
neocsked.lzh 1054 bytes
schedule for the naval fax station in norfolk
pcfax.lzh 55015 bytes
pk-232 fax to ega monitor/epson prn or file
pcrtty.lzh 17417 bytes
use your pc as a rtty terminal
picpro.lzh 62893 bytes
send & recieve/create fax via packet
radiotty.lzh 26703 bytes
How to setup rx rtty station.
rdsstv2.lzh 53092 bytes
rx slow-scan-tv. display on pc-cga only
readsstv.lzh 15027 bytes
display audio, ham, or shortwave pictures
rtfax.lzh 121197 bytes
232 Fax control program
rtty.azm 18432 bytes
baudot tty program for kaypro.
rtty.lzh 45424 bytes
a rtty program for ms-dos computers.
rtty4nb.lzh 121759 bytes
kf4nb's ms-dos rtty program in basic.
rtty_fax.lzh 1781 bytes
recent rtty / wefax frequencies
rtty_lst.lzh 14308 bytes
Log of rtty stations
rttydiag.lzh 47771 bytes
radio electronics mag. rtty/morse detector
st-rtty.lzh 10331 bytes
rtty program for atari st.
tty37.lzh 28877 bytes
tty v3.7, half-duplex rtty program
ttypress.lzh 3378 bytes
freq of rtty radio services
usnwfax.lzh 719 bytes
us navy weather fax freq
viewfax.lzh 2224 bytes
.com and .doc files for viewing pk-232 fax pict
wb3dbufx.lzh 121197 bytes
wb3duf's ibm/pk-232 fax program.
wefax.atr 3072 bytes
wx facsimile for the atari st.
wefax.lzh 28973 bytes
complete .asm, .bas and .doc files
wefax2.lzh 27222 bytes
more wefax
wefaxdem.txt 2909 bytes
simple fsk circuit for use with pc fax
wxrdr3.lzh 133272 bytes
wx radar viewer for vga/ega.
fax.lzh 250294 bytes
HF/VHF FAX, RTTY, ASCII, CW decoder..EXCELLENT! Requires building A/D Converter (inexpensive). Schematics, Full Docs & Program..
fax41.lzh 4665 bytes
english docs for fax40.___
wefax21.lzh 161695 bytes
new release of Bob Cole's Weather FAX program
dd.lzh 46824 bytes
FAA DUAT and RTTY WX data decoder
pci4k-4.exe 86528 bytes
Clover program, requires Hal hardware
rel25upd.lzh 68340 bytes
update to KA2PYJ's SSTV program Amtor without a TNC
faxhf.txt 15706 bytes
***** No description on file *****
hf-fax.txt 20348 bytes
HF-FAX frequency list current as of 9/93
pam203.exe 259968 bytes
AMTOR terminal program 246400 bytes
SSTV/FAX program for ViewPort VGA board. 35705 bytes
PC board diagram for JVFAX decoder in POSTSCRIPT f ormat 223792 bytes
Slowscan using a Sound Card TX/RX
fax232.lzh 121216 bytes
fax prg for the pk232 tnc.
an93.arj 89977 bytes
HB9JNX All-Mode for KC7WW AN93 modem
dj6hp.arj 89668 bytes
HB9JNX All-Mode for DJ6HP Modem 27162 bytes
SM0LCB's CW by computer
jvfax7.arj 734591 bytes
Latest version of the popular FAX & SSTV program 420464 bytes
RTTY and Amtor program 95584 bytes
RTTY program 134583 bytes
from Netherlands, FAX/SSTV program
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