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files.lst 37 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 761 bytes
this file list
bullet.lzh 4478 bytes
1-2-3 template for bullet trajectories.
camm.lzh 21775 bytes
amiga / cae a computer-aided molecular modeling
chemic20.lzh 134504 bytes
a molecular modeling program for ms-dos
kinetics.lzh 56995 bytes
ms-dos drug kinetics program, infusion data
life2.lzh 17677 bytes
ms-dos bacterial life simulation.
molekule.lzh 60824 bytes
moclecule modeling for the atari st.
orifdata.lzh 23552 bytes
orifice/flow calculator.
periodic.lzh 40683 bytes
periodic table of the elements for ibm compati
photopak.lzh 138651 bytes
tools for the photographer in ms-dos.
physics.lzh 113692 bytes
a collection of physics program in basic
proj102.lzh 7168 bytes
projectile/trajectory calculator.
quakes.lzh 6322 bytes
a summary of all seismic events around the world
res.lzh 18730 bytes
calculates resolutions
science.iqf 12672 bytes
a listing of commercial sources of s/w
weather.lzh 36267 bytes
a dbase file containing the station callsign
wedata.lzh 40237 bytes
weather data calculator for ms-dos 203477 bytes
This program is a good biology program, with questions/answers. test style 274765 bytes
A good hurricane tracking program for msdos-VGA 56448 bytes
ballistics calcs
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