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files.lst 24 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 1471 bytes
above compressed
almanac.lzh 190742 bytes
complete '89 almanac from the naval observatory
aptfotos.lzh 6965 bytes
info on how to receive apt photos from noaa
ast.lzh 27868 bytes
***** No description on file *****
astmount.lbr 8320 bytes
construction ideas on mounting your camera
astro.lzh 250262 bytes
ms-dos / astronomy planetarium simulator
astro2.lzh 8876 bytes
***** No description on file *****
astroalm.sit 35840 bytes
astromony almanac type program for the mac.
astrocal.lzh 94978 bytes
astronomy calcs for the atari st.
astronmy.lbr 3072 bytes
astronomy program in basic for cp/m.
astronom.lzh 21504 bytes
info for astronomers.
astrooko.lzh 150867 bytes
forth bases astronomy program for msdos.
celeste3.lzh 98538 bytes
written in 'c', calculates orbital data
cosmos.lzh 87922 bytes
***** No description on file *****
ds3d1.lzh 161367 bytes
disc1 of 3 astronomy program
ds3d2.lzh 139475 bytes
disc 2 of 3
ds3d3.lzh 260153 bytes
disc 3 of 3
ecuwin11.lzh 241914 bytes
"Earth Centered Universe" astronomy program that
ice.lzh 967753 bytes
Naval Almanac good until 2048
kepler.sit 19840 bytes
interesting celestial motion for mac
macastro.sit 149504 bytes
an astronomy program for the mac 512.
macsat 119808 bytes
Mac Sta program
marscga.lzh 41549 bytes
a mars projection astronomy program
moon 1529 bytes
moon phase program for the HP48 calculator
moonsrch.lzh 52410 bytes
Moon surface simulator
optics.lzh 11640 bytes
build/adjust a reflecting telescope
orbit.lzh 23438 bytes
***** No description on file *****
planets.lzh 11335 bytes
a planet locator program for the atari st.
rises.ark 35840 bytes
.com (cp/m) and tp3 source astronomy program
sgp4-c.lzh 41729 bytes
space tracking program in 'c', with source.
showers.txt 1152 bytes
science a listing of major meteor showers
sky121p.lzh 157429 bytes
update to howard dutton's ms-dos planetarium
sky32.lbr 83584 bytes
science an interesting astronomy program
skyplot.lzh 143709 bytes
another planetarium program, this one with cga
skyscape.lzh 9661 bytes
***** No description on file *****
skyw101r.lzh 188398 bytes
Howard Dutton's Planetarium for Windows
spacetrk.lbr 48128 bytes
space related routines in fortran.
starfind.lzh 63774 bytes
***** No description on file *****
starfoto.txt 2688 bytes
tips on taking photos of the stars.
starpl15.lzh 90749 bytes
star plotter
starry.lzh 117909 bytes
planetarium simulator for ms-dos.
stars.lzh 35865 bytes
***** No description on file *****
starview.lzh 181403 bytes
astronomy a ms-dos astronomy 'view' program.
stime.lzh 26921 bytes
st, gmt, lmt time calculator for ibm compatibles.
sun.lzh 30738 bytes
calc sun rise/set
sun101.lzh 30498 bytes
a fancier sun rise/set
sunmoon.zoo 9216 bytes
'c' source for a sun & moon locator.
tellstar.lzh 71226 bytes
planetarium-type viewer w/programmable viewing
wlonglat.lzh 99764 bytes
***** No description on file *****
wu120e.lzh 206052 bytes
***** No description on file ***** 68654 bytes
Understanding and using Solar Terrestrial Terms 8262 bytes
Glossary of Solar Terrestrial Terms 362752 bytes
astronomy viewer
daylite.lzh 17898 bytes
calculate local sunset and sunrise times
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