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files.lst 27 bytes
this file list
files.lzh 2690 bytes
this file list
asm-term.lzh 4857 bytes
assembly source & .com for dumb terminal prog
b5c-ds10.aqm 1664 bytes
BYE Datestamper overlay
b5mm-1.iqs 4096 bytes
bobter11.lzh 46813 bytes
comm. program for 8-bit atari.
bye520.lbr 246784 bytes
complete BYE
byeins.lzh 12131 bytes
BYE inserts
dumtrm.pqs 9216 bytes
dumb terminal program with tp3 source.
easy.mqx 4352 bytes
MEX help
fix165a.mex 2816 bytes
fsc-docs.ark 167296 bytes
ever wonder how fidonet works?
gsz.lzh 108916 bytes
more ZMODEM from Chuck Forsberg
i2gs-11.aqm 10368 bytes
imp/Apple //gs
il.lzh 19974 bytes
ms-tsr terminal program with xmodem.
imp244.lbr 81792 bytes
kmd23.lbr 115968 bytes
mex-adam.czm 20096 bytes
mex114 read-to-run for coleco adam. (crunched)
mexpat22.aqm 4736 bytes
MEX114 patch
modm700.azm 77824 bytes
cp/m modem program
mxc-ds10.zz0 3072 bytes
mex clock overlay for datestamper.
mxm-2416.aqm 18432 bytes
mex overlay for 2400 baud modems.
mxm-9610.zz0 7552 bytes
a mex overlay for cp/m and usr 9600 hst modems
mxm-adam.lbr 13312 bytes
mex overlays for the coleco adam.
mxo-sbs4.zz0 18176 bytes
mex for sb180
mxo-sc10.aqm 7168 bytes
mxo-sm14.aqm 7168 bytes
smart modem overlay for mex
pbbs-45.lbr 227328 bytes
pbbs v4.5 bbs system for cp/m-80.
pbbs41.lbr 180224 bytes
april 15 release of pbbs
pbbsup45.lbr 93184 bytes
additional files for pbbs v4.5.
pbbsusr.hac 3584 bytes
pcdir.lzh 20885 bytes
procomm+ phone directory of bbs's.
pcz.lzh 54050 bytes
x/y/zmodem for ms-dos
proco242.lzh 205490 bytes
procomm term program for ibm compatibles
puser18.lbr 54400 bytes
PBBS tool
qterm42g.lbr 45568 bytes
latest cp/m comm program. with kermit/xmodem
qtpatch.lbr 71552 bytes
has quickterm patches for various computers.
qvt316.lzh 87727 bytes
vt220 terminal program with x/y/z modem.
rzmp16a.lbr 83072 bytes
zmodem for rcp/m's.
tabby001.izf 10240 bytes
info on a project to implement echomail
usbbs.lzh 33058 bytes
listing of us gov't bbs's.
uucp201.ark 31488 bytes
uucp program. uses qterm overlays.
x00v110.lzh 14711 bytes
multi-user support for opus.
xt4v_arc 38912 bytes
***** No description on file *****
zmd150.lbr 190464 bytes
the latest rcp/m transfer program.
zmo-kp04.lbr 23552 bytes
zmp overlay for kaypro.
zmo-r415.zz0 8192 bytes
zmp overlay for Radio Shack M4
zmo-xe03.zz0 7168 bytes
zmp overlay for xerox and kaypro computers
zmp15.lbr 79872 bytes
v1.5 of zmp cp/m x/y/z modem program.
zrun2.lzh 41617 bytes
add zmodem protocol to procomm.
odec_501.lzh 6815 bytes
FOSSIL driver for Rainbow
vdec_004.lzh 2322 bytes
more DEC FOSSIL stuff
tpb72-1.lzh 1063295 bytes
TPBOARD BBS version 7.2 FidoNet capable.
cmohp52.lzh 53587 bytes
HP95 add on for commo
commo52.lzh 159384 bytes
comm program
fidonet.tzt 29952 bytes
info on fido net
hzcomm31.lzh 11829 bytes
HZ100 comm stuff
irremote.hp 16156 bytes
HP remote xfer via IR port
vector.asp 2048 bytes
procommm script for this BBS
winqvt35.lzh 86167 bytes
windows VT100 program
qvt374.arc 149520 bytes
VT220 emulator (not-windows)
tm4001.arj 195840 bytes
Communications program: Telemate rev4 (1 of 3)
tm4002.arj 201728 bytes
Communications program-Telemate rev4 (2 of 3)
tm4003.arj 182656 bytes
Communications program-Telemate rev4 (3 of 3) 12800 bytes
background VT100 emulator for MSDOS 515600 bytes
UUCP <=> FidoNET software for ms-dos BBS's.
tlx322-1.arj 138240 bytes
newest Telix comm program
tlx322-2.arj 66786 bytes
newest Telix comm program
tlx322-3.arj 204574 bytes
newest Telix comm program 182254 bytes
Docs for TLX322 For host+, scripts 495644 bytes
Terminate v1.40 Communications program Internal CD-Player, Download Manager and Fido- Mail support. Disk 1 of 2 406806 bytes
Terminate v1.40 Communications Program For features see Disk 1 desc. Disk 2 of 2 91908 bytes
4/26/94 zmodem (.com version) 39305 bytes
4/26/94 zmodem (exe version) 39930 bytes
Suncom Terminal Program
isdn.fgz 30169 bytes
FAQ on ISDN (gzip'd) 6418 bytes
Info on the HS\Link Protocol 145511 bytes
HS\Link Bi-directional X-fer protocol. 10819 bytes
Jmodem transfer protocol 53007 bytes
VFAST transfer protocol. Very fast, needs High speed modem.
kermit.exz 97597 bytes
kermit v3.11 for ms-dos (gzip'd) 31928 bytes
C routines for Fossil drivers 39242 bytes
newest DSZ.EXE ZMODEM 108223 bytes
Linux QWK reader system 147048 bytes
source for a QWK reader 188988 bytes
A dos comm file, small but full of great features. 103893 bytes
Basic terminal software for the new user. 166550 bytes
Telemate 4.20 comm program 231457 bytes
Telemate 4.20 part 2 171422 bytes
Telemate 4.20 part 3 229411 bytes
Telemate 4.20 part 4 150828 bytes
Tsx Lite version 4.20 1368713 bytes
Tsx Lite 4.20 part 2 1382930 bytes
Tsx Lite part 3 1004040 bytes
Tsx Lite version 4.20 part 4 498588 bytes
Winsoft comm program for windows 1 of 5 495396 bytes
winsoft part 2 of 5 493015 bytes
winsoft 3 of 5 497897 bytes
winsoft 4 of 5 458590 bytes
winsoft 5 of 5 91908 bytes
6/7/95 release of and docs 39305 bytes
6/7/95 release of dsz.exe
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