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files.lst 25 bytes
A downloadable file list of this area
files.lzh 3350 bytes
above compressed
agetty.gz 9031 bytes
another getty
arc521-8.tgz 74974 bytes
ARC 5.21 release 8 for Unix
atty.tar.gz 57032 bytes
getty variant
checksum.c.gz 3491 bytes
source for checksum xmodem
crc.c.gz 3489 bytes
source for crc xmodem
gettyenh.tgz 52738 bytes
another getty
lh_xenix.zoo 46080 bytes
LHARC for Unix/Xenix
lha 112692 bytes
binary for SCO
lharc102.tgz 33602 bytes
LHARC (LZH) for Minix
maint.tar.gz 94223 bytes
File/Dir Tool for Unix 82121 bytes
Process Apple // NuFX files under Unix
spy.c.gz 2709 bytes
system process monitor for BSD
undelete.zoo 2432 bytes
Unix undelete 49016 bytes
a list of known Unix PD files with short desc
xc30.cpio.gz 147838 bytes
Unix terminal program
ymod.c.gz 3522 bytes
source for 1K-xmodem
yzmodem.zoo 84224 bytes
X/Y/Z modem source code
joe108.tgz 137654 bytes
editor for Unix
jpeg.zoo 404586 bytes
JPEG image compression w/src code
lha-1.00.tgz 70930 bytes
Latest UNIX version of LHArc
mnemosyn.z 20480 bytes
Unix memory utility 13955 bytes
uucp status display for Unix
xc40.tar.gz 70904 bytes
Comm Program for Unix (up to SVR4)
zoo201.tar.gz 117437 bytes
Zoo for UNIX
shutil18.tgz 157404 bytes
shell utils for Unix (tar.Z)
smail564.tgz 290998 bytes
SendMail for Unix
unpit.c.gz 4164 bytes
unpit (mac) for Unix 14264 bytes
unsit (mac) for Unix
progs.tar.gz 46459 bytes
scripts for use with sed and awk
ramdisk.shz 19200 bytes
Unix Ramdisk src code shar.Z
pcomm20.lzh 200588 bytes
"ProCOMM for Unix" v2.0
macbin.shar.gz 1075 bytes
tools for Mac bin files
rn.tar.gz 287831 bytes
news tool
3rootdisk.z 665979 bytes
Linux root disk (gzip format)
mh-6.8.tar.gz 1318132 bytes
Rand MH Mail Handler for unix (gzip format)
mh.doc.gz 117081 bytes
docs for above
astro.tar.gz 19085 bytes
position of astronomical bodies
mm25.tar.gz 169387 bytes
multimedia mail program for Unix
uucp104.tar.gz 638021 bytes
Unix UUCP package
uucpdoc.tar.gz 386264 bytes
docs for above
x64_020.tar.gz 123144 bytes
SunOS Commodore emulator
dvi2tty.tgz 23286 bytes
dvi -> tty file conversion for Unix
slurp105.tgz 31284 bytes
NNTP retrieval for Unix
uptmar93.tgz 46519 bytes
Unix Power Tools
nixpub 54974 bytes
September 1992 Nixpub listing
description.gz 13826 bytes
info on GNU programs
elm2.4.tar.gz 604291 bytes
elm Mailer for Unix
f2c.tar.gz (OFFLINE)
Fortran to C for Unix
nixpub.gz 25292 bytes
3-Jul-93 edition of the nixpub listing
pcomm202.lzh 202285 bytes
"procomm" for Unix (source)
tcsh604.tar.gz 425904 bytes
tsch shell for Unix 9216 bytes
LBR processing for Unix
nn6418.tar.gz 420917 bytes
news system 3065 bytes
sked for US SW Braodcast Stations (WRNO etc)
announce.bsz 95744 bytes
386BSD FAQs from the comp.os.announce.386bsd news group. There are 10 FAQs totaling @ 6300 lines.
instnot.bsz 23601 bytes
Install notes for 386BSD Release 0.1
unzip50.tgz 200599 bytes
src for Stan Smith's PD unzip for Unix
u386mon26.lzh 206843 bytes
Performance Monitor v2.6 (newer than 3.4!)
cwish20.tgz 57141 bytes
File Manager for Unix 9216 bytes
simple Unix->DOS text converter 5208 bytes
Unix news expire tool 7700 bytes
Unix QWK related 24320 bytes
news archiver for Unix
newscan.prz 25956 bytes
Unix/Perl news scan tool
uqwk.shz 26432 bytes
QWK system for Unix
deuqwk.shz 11392 bytes
QWK decoder for Unix
svr4mon13.tgz 90717 bytes
system perf monitor
uqwk1.pat 16532 bytes
patch 01 for UQWK
uqwk2.pat 3036 bytes
patch 02 for UQWK
uqwk3.pat 1692 bytes
patch 03 for UQWK
basic2.tgz 79500 bytes
BASIC interpretor for Unix
novdist.tgz 49075 bytes
NOV news database for Unix 74168 bytes
zmodem (Unix version)
colorxterm.tgz 212286 bytes
X11 xterm w/color
dsktool13a.taz 16855 bytes
monitor filesystems in X11
satfeed313.taz 37822 bytes
Pagesat receive program
sendmail.tgz 12122 bytes
sample programs from Nutshell sendmail book
ingres04.lzh 799100 bytes
Sources and Docs for Ingres89, configured for Linux, but could probably work with Unixes, too. Requires BYACC.LZH, so get that too.
xmitbin19.tgz 40395 bytes
Unix UU tool
dialupip.lzh 195321 bytes
dial on demand slip for Unix
term118.lzh 181476 bytes
Unix port add-on
cku189.tar.gz 536962 bytes
6/93 Release of Kermit for Unix
afio237.tgz 56906 bytes
Like cpio, but better. Multi-volume, compression (via gzip) tape archival engine. Used by tbackup.
conv0626.tgz 242757 bytes
"Ping-Pong" convers daemon
rkive.tgz 131878 bytes
news archive tool
tbackup08.tgz 144501 bytes
Tape or Floppy backup program for Linux. Maybe adaptable to other Unixes. Get afio too.
tgif2-15.taz 999443 bytes
Very nice drawing package for Unix X11. Original file name: tgif-2.15pl6.tar.Z
usat0.7.tgz 245279 bytes
Microsat controller for XWindows (unix)
pine391.tgz 1895514 bytes
Unix mailer
cnews9293.gz 1814123 bytes
latest cnews
unix.arc 111616 bytes
Unix utils for DOS
ecu324.tgz 555334 bytes
comm program for *nix
ncurs185.tgz 259978 bytes
ncurses 1.8.5 for Linux, possibly other Unixes
inn14pkg.tgz 840441 bytes
INN news transport pkq (w/FAQ's)
tripwire12.tgz 585222 bytes
Unix security tool
joe2.8.tgz 322108 bytes
Joe editor
wuftpd24.tgz 112298 bytes
wu ftp demon
base.tgz 186976 bytes
***** No description on file *****
fano.tgz 8417 bytes
KA9Q's Fano stuff
ftpmail123.tgz 37753 bytes
unix ftp mailer server
lbbs1.48.tgz 159419 bytes
experimental BBS for Linux
lbbs15b.tgz 218355 bytes
Linux gateway for Hams
mirror.tgz 64920 bytes
Unix file mirroring pkg in Perl
mjrdomo193.tgz 243507 bytes
Unix Majordomo listserver
pmirror1.6.tgz 16564 bytes
mirror tool for Internet
viterbi.tgz 6382 bytes
KA9Q's viterbi stuff
most4.2.tgz 48088 bytes
even more than less
tar-1.11.8.tgz 685999 bytes
gnu tar src
texinfo3.6.tgz 594030 bytes
unix texi/info processor help system
textutl113.tgz 408420 bytes
gnu text utils, tail, head etc
slang09923.tgz 213532 bytes
"S language" for Unix
sco.lst.gz 7659 bytes
sco binaries on
vtcl.gz 3335 bytes
explanation of SCO's vtcl
clx_200.tgz 1845571 bytes
DX cluster for Linux (OFFLINE)
z radio over internet (OFFLINE)
z inet <> fidonet
gopher213.tgz 887879 bytes
src for gopher
hello1.3.tgz 87942 bytes
GNU greeter program
jed097-12.tgz 508454 bytes
html editor for Unix
jughead104.tgz 111647 bytes
src for jughead
mirror2.3.tgz 146959 bytes
unix ftp mirror client
opie204.tgz 114307 bytes
one-time Unix login security
ssh120.tgz 432223 bytes
secure shell for Unix
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