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xless141.tgz 21697 bytes
less is more than more!
xmfm19.tgz 195415 bytes
File Manager
xrn6-17.tgz 231534 bytes
newsreader 27760 bytes
replacement for Unix's XBIFF
xlarc.zoo 109312 bytes
more LHARC for Unix
xrgb1.1.tgz 41057 bytes
X11 rgb thingie
xanim264.tgz 148305 bytes
animation for X
colorxterm.tgz 212286 bytes
enhanced xterm
xfm-1.3.tgz 105545 bytes
file manageraer
xpilot.323.tgz 570845 bytes
xtar-1.2.tgz 57717 bytes
tar manipulator
xearth92.tgz 195499 bytes
Displays the earth in the root window
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