Jim Lill
MOTORCYCLES, Owner, Mechanic, and sometimes Rider!

1968 Yankee 500Z Prototype #1 (Yellow Bike) and Motor (original pictures, bike awaiting restoration)

1968 Triumph Battle-of-the-Twins, circa 1983. First build. Note use of Yankee fork and gas tank. Many ex-Dirt-Track parts. Mechanical Anti-Dive Brakes version 1. This bike was used for the 1984 build below

1968 Triumph Battle-of-the-Twins, circa 1984. Second build. Note use of Yankee gas tank, Marzocchi Forks, Brembo Brakes, and Dymag Wheels. Mechanical Anti-Dive Brakes version 2. This bike now only exists in my mind and these pictures!

1984 CanAm/Armstrong Rotax Tandem 250