NMEA-0183 and GPS Information

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Note that all programs in this directory are for MS-DOS or Windows, unless stated otherwise.

Files are listed under the following headings:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Lists

The GPS FAQ (version 6, Mar. 25, 1996, 34,857 bytes) discusses some frequently asked questions about GPS and related things. For further (and much more technical) GPS information, try the following sites:

The NMEA FAQ (version 3, Feb. 27, 1996, 25752 bytes) discusses the National Marine Electronics Association's standards for data communication between marine instruments (as used between a GPS and Autopilot, for example)

The Garmin GPS45 FAQ (Ver. 1.06, 91971 bytes) discusses the Garmin 40, 45, 90, and other GPS receivers.

A NiCad Battery FAQ (33,866 bytes) discusses the charactristics of NiCad batteries, and dispels the "NiCad Memory" myth.

GPS Information Files and Equipment Reviews

How GPS Works: An Introduction (7821 bytes) is an introductory article on GPS written by Craig Haggart (haggart@slac.stanford.edu)

dgpsinfo.txt (4227 bytes) is a short article describing Differential GPS.

gpspatch.zip (9850 bytes) has a description and drawing for the construction of a simple patch antenna for GPS reception. This is from an article originally published in QST magazine (Oct 95) by Harold Ward, W1GE.

Adventures in Amplified GPS Antenna Construction (4263 bytes) by Chris Scott describes the construction of an amplified ("active") GPS antenna

gpsxdip.zip (3842 bytes) describes the constrution of a "crossed dipole" antenna for GPS. By Pete Webster (skyhook@wintermute.co.uk)

grm45ant.gif (231453 bytes) is a .gif image of an X-ray of a Garmin GPS45 antenna, also available as grm45ant.jpg (25006 bytes).

ga26.zip contains two .gif pictures of the insides of a Garmin GA26 "patch" antenna, sold as an accessory for the GPS-45.

accunav.txt (15758 bytes) is a review of the Eagle Accunav Sport, and Eagle's waypoint managment software, by Dave Fortner (fortner@conan.ids.net)

NMEA Information Files

The following text files contain information on the NMEA-0183 data interface used for marine instruments, GPS receivers, etc.

garmin65.nmea (4295 bytes) is an annotated listing of NMEA sentences sent by a Garmin GPS-65. The GPS-75 should be identical, and other models, including the GPS-55AVD should be much the same (prepared by Peter Bennett (bennett@triumf.ca)

magellan.nmea (20505 bytes) is a discussion of interfacing and sentence formats for a Magellan Trailblazer GPS. posted to sci.geo.satellite-nav by chad@anasazi.com (Chad R. Larson)

nmeatype.txt (15401 bytes)is an extract of the NMEA-0183 standard listing the sentence types, and detailing the formats of a few sentences.

nmeaws.txt (25600 bytes) is a good discussion of NMEA-0183 interfacing problems (and successes), sentence formats, etc. BASIC programs to send and receive NMEA data are included. By Wayne Simpson, Technical Editor, International Catalina 27 Association (wms@spin.att.com)

nmea_interface.txt (5232 bytes) shows a circuit to interface a Garmin GPS50 to a PC or Mac serial port. It is probably not needed with most PCs, but may provide a more "correct" interface. It should work with most GPS recievers having NMEA inputs and outputs. Posted to sci.geo.satellite-nav by Lorne Dudley (dudley2@qucdn.QueensU.CA)

bruno-if.txt (5525 bytes) describes another NMEA-> RS-232 interface using a MAX-232. Designed by Andrew Bruno (abruno@zeta.org.au)

NMEA-0183 Data Display Programs

GPSNMEA (115129 bytes) is a free program to display and log data from a GPS reciever. This is a self-extracting archive. Contributed by Wolfgang.Pieper@psychol.uni-giessen.de

mgdlul10.zip (40305 bytes) has Upload and Download programs to transfer waypoint lists between a Magellan NAV 5000 DLX (or similar) GPS receiver and a PC. Contributed by Brian Schipper (schipper@src.honeywell.com)

jnav82.zip (115072 bytes) A shareware program to display and log data from a GPS or Loran-C receiver Written by Joel C. Koch.

WinGPS is a Windows program which reads RMB or RMC sentences, and will display the track on a "plotting sheet" or on a map or chart scanned into a .bmp file. It is available in two versions:

Navigate is a Windows program from Paul Mouland (pmouland@mouland.com). It will receive NMEA data from a GPS and plot the position and track on a bitmap chart (you supply the charts). It will automatically select the best available chart file from those available. You can build waypoint lists and routes in the program, and it will display the appropriate navigation information.

nmealogr.zip (33105 bytes) A simple program to display and log NMEA-0183 data, and to decode some sentences sent by Autohelm Seatalk instruments. C source included. By Peter Bennett (bennett@triumf.ca)

mfcnmea.zip (111672 bytes) is a set of C++ classes for handling NMEA-0183 sentences. Submitted by Sam Blackburn (sammy@sed.csc.com)

Garmin Protocol Information and Data Transfer Programs

Garmin Protocol Description

Gardown7 (36965 bytes) transfers waypoint, route, and track data from a Garmin GPS to a PC. This latest version also uploads waypoints from a PC to the GPS.

Garmin_GPS_xla_01c.zip (15,492 bytes)contains the source code for an Excell Add-in (VB for Apps) which converts GarDown7 track data to a *.dbf file, and converts the Lat/Long to the Swedish National grid.

Garmin64 (Version 1.06.04, 642335 bytes) is a windows program to transfer waypoints, routes, etc. between a Garmin GPS and a PC. It allows editing of the waypoints on the PC. The waypoint list is in the same format as used by WinGPS. The program was written by Peter Aigner (100012,2021@compuserve.com)

MacGPS45.zip (59797 bytes) contains the source code and design notes (including a description of the Garmin protocol) for John Waers' (jfwaers@csn.net) MacGPS-45 Macintosh program, which transfers waypoints, routes, etc. between a Garmin GPS and a Mac. This file has been converted to a DOS archive (and a MacWrite document converted to WordPerfect), but the program has not been ported to DOS. The original Mac format source archive and program are available from ftp.csn.net/Unimac. Please note that both these files contain the source for an early, somewhat buggy version of MacGPS. The current shareware version of this program (0.4b8 or later) is available from the info-mac mirror sites.

gsa13.zip (52,328 bytes) contains some programs by Lance Rose (lancer@netrix.net) to exchange waypoint data between a Garmin 45 (and probably most other models) and a DeLorme Street Atlas 3.0 map file (.SA3) using the Garmin protocol. They let you create waypoints with the map program and upload them to the GPS, or download the waypoitn database from the GPS to a specified map file for later manipulation.

g7to14.zip (28,708 bytes) converts GarDown7 download files to Street Atlas 3 format, or vice versa, and converts either format to formats compatible with PROJ.EXE, NAD2NAD.EXE, or UTMS.EXE.

gmn_dxf2.zip (46093 bytes) converts the data downloaded by gardown into a .dxf file for import into AutoCad or other drawing programs that read this format. (from DNelson@lanl.gov)

psigar12.zip (9499 bytes) is a shareware program to transfer waypoints, routes, track logs, etc. between a Garmin 45 (not tested with other models) and a Psion series 3A

GarMap.zip (10878 bytes) provides an interface between Mapinfo Desktop Mapping Software and a Garmin GPS receiver, using the proprietary Garmin/Garmin protocol. (from mholdern@sctyhq1.telecom.com.au)

Garmin Data Monitor (229905 bytes) uses the Garmin protocol to display information not available via NMEA-0183, such as satellite status, more precise position to display SA "wandering", etc.

Navigation (and other marine) programs

Many more navigation programs can be found on ftp://ronin.com/navigation

marnav22.zip (61725 bytes) converts Loran-C TDs to Lat/Long (or vice-versa). This is a demo version, that only includes data for one Loran-C chain, however, data for other chains may be easily added.

lorancnv.exe (43406 bytes) is a program to convert between Lat/Long and Loran-C (or Loran-A) time differences.

navrules.zip (555449 bytes) is a Windows 3.1 program to teach the lights, shapes, and sound signals required by the Collision Regulations (both international and US inland rules)(self-extracting archive)

nasr.exe (70203 bytes) is a sight reduction program for USPS JN and N courses - intended to aid the insructor in checking his student's work (self-extracting archive)

The tide and current prediction program by Ed Wallner (epwallnr@world.std.com) comes in four versions, with data files for different areas:

In addition, bctidcur.zip (154,657 bytes) has data files for all tide and current stations on the Canadian west coast (Canadian tide tables vol. 5 and 6). This file contains the data files only - you will have to get the program from one of the above files.

tide24.zip (314,521 bytes) is another tide program, by Hans Pieper. It appears to have excellent world-wide coverage for tides, but doesn't do tidal currents.

SailRace v. 8.1 (199,430 bytes) is a scoring program for sailing regattas, written by Gerald Bennett (gtbennett@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu). It handles PHRF and Portsmouth handicaps, and one-design scoring.

Archive Utility

pkz204g.exe (202752 bytes) is version 2.04g of the popular PKZip archive utility that was used to archive most of the files in this directory.
WARNING! There is a nasty virus claiming to be PKZip V. 3 (pkz300.exe, or similar). Don't use it! v. 2.04g (this one) is the latest.

Electronic design and PC Board related programs

gcprevue.zip (593,360 bytes) This is the GCPrevue v6.2 Gerber file viewing program. Requires a 386 or better. (prevue.zip (359040 bytes) is version 5. and will run on a 286.)

pro2apr.zip (22630 bytes) is a program to convert Protel (DOS and Windows) aperture files to GCPrevue format

Allconv.zip (545265 bytes) is a collection of programs to convert aperture files generated by many different PCB programs to GC Prevue's format (It includes pro2apr.exe, and C source to enable you to make your own converter, if necessary.)

go_prevu.zip (2301 bytes) is a brief tutorial on the use of GC Prevue.

easytrax.zip (471183 bytes) The Protel EasyTrax PCB Layout program demo. The "user manual" is included in this .zip file

Peter Bennett VE7CEI